Play. Mix - Housimple By Greco Soul

Samedi, de 23:00 à 00:00

Born & raised in Athens, Greece (that's how the "Greco" came up). He introduced himself through some of his successful bootlegs like: "Luxuria", "Your Loving Arms" and "Lose My Breath" which have been supported by artists like Eddie Amador, Tedd Patterson, Doug Gomez + many more.

Till now he has official releases in Arawakan Records, Double Cheese Records, Blu Lace Music, HSR Records and Retrolounge Records where he has collaborated and have official remixes by artists like: Rocio Starry, Eddie "Eaze" Coleman, Dany Cohiba, Stones & Bones, Luyo, AbysSoul, Christos Fourkis, Michelle Rivera, DJ Young and IQ Musique. Most of his releases are featured in several charts in Traxsource.

As a DJ he has shared the decks with Nikos Diamantopoulos, Christos Fourkis and Stones & Bones. On summer 2019 he has started to accompany his sets with live percussions, live saxophone and live vocals. Whereas, if you ever get the chance to be at one of his gigs. Then you will easily realize that he loves to take people on long journeys as he enjoys gigging for 4, 5 and even sometimes 12 hours without ever stop dancing (that's how the "Soul" came up).






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